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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement in Dallas

Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Dallas, TX

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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement in Dallas, Tx

The traditional method of removing tile flooring has proven to be more of a burden than it should be. Some may even choose to avoid the nuisance all together, rather than removing or replacing the tile to achieve the outcome that they actually want in their Dallas, TX property. The traditional tile removal process has many more disadvantages than it does benefits, including the widespread reach of harmful thinset dust that can cause allergies and respiratory illnesses, and there's usually hidden costs involved.

After performing extensive research and testing numerous devices, we have found an answer to the many problems with tile removal's long-established procedure. Our Dust Commander system is the new and improved method of removing tile without harmful dust and debris clinging to all of your belongings in the process. Unlike the traditional process, the Dust Commander system can get the job done virtually dust-free, and the benefits outweigh the negatives with this new device.

Dust Commander System Benefits

  • Virtually dust free
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Safe and healthy
  • Leaves concrete slab flat and ready for flooring installation
  • No hidden costs!

The Dust Commander system has resolved the issues that the original tile removal practice caused, including the spread of unhealthy thinset dust throughout the property. Instead of spending hours trying to fully contain the dust to one area, our system will trap the dust without having to tape off additional areas of the property. This also eliminates any hidden costs and decreases the waiting time that you get with the traditional method of tile removal.

If that isn't enough to prove that our Dust Commander system is the best option available, you can also rest knowing that your indoor air quality is maintained and kept at healthy levels throughout the entire Dust Commander tile removal process, and your concrete slab will be left flatter ensuring a simple installation process. There's no reason to be worried about having your tile flooring removed or replaced with Dust Commander.

Contact Dust Commander for Tile Removal in Dallas, Texas

If you want dust free tile removal or replacement services in Dallas, TX or surrounding areas, contact us at Dust Commander. We can get your residential or commercial property revamped in no time. We also provide free estimates for removing tile at your Dallas property, so call us today at 903-357-4640.

Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement in Dallas, Tx

Learn About Dallas, TX

Dallas is the countyseat of Dallas County and a significant part of Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is the fourth most populated metropolitan area in the U.S. The city's rich history stems from being the epicenter of the oil and cotton industries as well as its prominence on many different major railroad lines.

Today, Dallas is the largest economic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and the population continues to increase. The city is home to the DFW International Airport and since Dallas is centrally located, you can fly just about anywhere in North America in under five hours. Dallas is also ranked number one in destinations for visitors and leisure in Texas. Dallas is also leading the urban arts district as the largest in the nation with its modern and sophisticated appeal.

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Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

"Very professional, friendly, efficient."

Dallas, TX

"Guys were so good, I had to have them come do another job."

Dallas, TX

"I was very impressed with the job they did! There was NO DUST in the other areas of the house!"

Dallas, TX

"Excellent job!"

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Tile Removal Testimonial by Alex in Dallas, TX

September 10, 2015

After Alex had 200 square feet of ceramic tile removal in his Dallas, TX home, He was so proud of the outcome saying, Dust Commander did an “excellent job.” He also said the Dust Commander crews were efficient and professional.

Dust Commander Testimonial from Fletcher's Corny Dogs

February 10, 2015

Fletcher's Corny Dogs expressed its thanks by stating that we did a great job!

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