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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Fort Worth, TX

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When you have your tile floors removed, the task can be very dirty, labor-intensive, and can cause health issues for those who live near and around the area where the tiles have been removed. This is why most contractors try to contain as much of the dust from this job with the help of plastic wrap and tape, closing off whole areas and rooms to minimize the spreading of the dust that comes with such a task. Called thinset removal, this method leaves fine dust everywhere, making it difficult to remove from the surfaces that it lands on.

The Dust Commander System

Dust Commander's owner, Don Preston has been in the flooring business since 1994 and has consistently seen problems with the traditional tile removal process. The biggest problem revolving around the dust that is left behind in customers’ homes after removing tile floors - the dust sticks around for weeks, even months after tile removal and is unhealthy, especially for anyone with asthma/allergies and children. Another common problem he has found is flooring customers deciding to live with old, outdated tile because they don’t want to suffer from the dusty mess left by the tile removal process.

Preston has spent countless hours researching ways to make the tile removal process virtually dust free. He considered and tried several devices on the market, but they all had the same issue of continuously getting clogged. Also, most of the devices required hands and knees operation which is physically strenuous for anyone operating them.

Because of these issues, Don Preston has built and field-tested over fifty different designs, making slight changes and additions along the way. He now believes he has perfected a virtually dust free tile removal system, the DUST COMMANDER®.

Why You Should Choose the Dust Commander Tile Removal System

There are many good reasons why you should consider the Dust Commander system for removing tiles from your home or place of business. Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits of dust-free tile removal, our system also gives you these other benefits when chosen over the standard tile removal process:

  • Quick and efficient while other tile removal systems may take longer to finish, our methods have been perfected by our team that you can have the tiles removed from your floor in a shorter span of time.
  • Safe and healthy – since there is no fine dust to begin with, you can rest assured that this method won’t trigger allergies and skin irritation. No dust particles equals healthier and safer all around.
  • Won’t harm electronics – the fine dust that you get from other tile removal methods can also affect electronics. With the Dust Commander system, you can safely bring out your laptops and smartphones even while the process is undergoing since it does not have the fine dust that can damage electronic gadgets.
  • Leaves flooring flat and ready for new flooring installation – you won’t have to worry about uneven surfaces when it comes to your flooring installation after Dust Commander is done removing your old tile.
  • No hidden charges – the estimate you get from us is the price you pay, no more no less. What you see on your quote is what you will get charged.

When you need dust free tile removal in Fort Worth TX, and the surrounding areas, Dust Commander® is your best choice. Our alternative method of dust-free tile removal is far superior to the traditional tile flooring removal process. We leave your floors cleaner and all surfaces free of tile dust.

 Don’t go for the option that leaves you with harmful dust everywhere. Contact us today for your tile removal needs. Call us at 903-357-4640 to schedule your free assessment and estimate.

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  • Fort Worth | February 04, 2016

(Job #2) "Did a great job!"

  • Fort Worth, TX | January 11, 2016

"If I ever need anymore tile removal I will be sure to call Dust Commander again.

  • Fort Worth, TX | August 05, 2015

"These guys were superior & trustworthy."

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August 07, 2015

Dust Commander successfully removed 200 square feet of ceramic tile flooring in Dianna's home in North Fort Worth. Dianna was proud of the job. She said the Dust Commander guys were superior and trustworthy.