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Dust Free Tile Removal for Retailers in Paris, TX


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Nowadays, most people prefer using tiles as their flooring of choice becaues tile floors can take a lot of daily wear and tear--whether it's from high levels of foot traffic, spills or splashes from your customers - over time, the surface areas usually have bacteria and other potential health hazards all over them. When you're a retail owner, it's important to keep your tile floors looking clean and fresh, especially if over time your tile floors are looking worse for wear. The thing about tile floors is, it may look like a simple job, but attempting to handle tile flooring by yourself can prove a dangerous task, especially since they are made from materials such as natural stone, ceramic and marble. 

Attempting to install these materials yourself without the proper tools or training can actually just result in inefficient work. It really is best to just leave it to the professionals, and when you rely on Dust Commander, you can be sure that we'll take extra care of your tile floors.

Choose to go Dust-Free

For tile removal, high-powered tools are often used to cut through the surface of the tile. While this is happening, people tend to forget that this traditional process does produce a lot of dust, which can prove hazardous and can damage your respiratory system, as well. Worst of all, you could receive microscopic tile parts to your eyes or lungs. When you use this traditional method to remove tiles, it can make the interior of the business hard to stomach, because clouds of dust can still linger within your property, long after the job is done.

Safe, Professional and Dust-Free with Dust Commander

At Dust Commander®, we believe that you deserve only the best of the best, and what makes us different from others is our use of an effective and safe dust-free method when it's our turn to remove your old tiles. We have high-speed electrical chisels, and we use a HEPA filtration system to make sure that there is no dust or other harmful particles that can cause you harm. And best of all, because it is dust-free, the mess we create is very minimal, or none at all - and your tiles can be removed as quickly as possible. The dust-free system is compatible with most tile materials, so you can be sure that there is no job that's too complicated for us to take. We also have dedicated, hardworking professionals who want to meet and exceed your expectations. Additionally, we have all sorts of products for sale, should you need any. If you're living in Texas or in the surrounding area, don't hesitate any longer! Dial 903-357-4640 and we'll make sure you receive a FREE estimate! For more questions or concerns, you can also visit our contact page.