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Dustless Tile Removal Services in The Colony, TX

The dusty mess left behind by the tile removal process is often a concern for many people who want to replace the tiles in their home, shop, or restaurant. What they don’t know is that they have the option of getting dustless tile removal services from Dust Commander. Our company provides this type of service to both residential and commercial property owners in The Colony, TX.

There’s a big difference between the revolutionary tile removal process used by our company and the traditional tile removal service offered by other providers. The old process of removing tiles is not only messy, but it can also cause lingering indoor air quality issues that can affect the health of the people using the space. The dust generated by the traditional method can spread throughout the property and cause damage as well. It can get inside delicate electronics and affect their operation, and it can also stick to surfaces and furniture.

The dust also puts the health of the technicians in danger. To prevent dust inhalation while they work, the tile removers have to put on heavy protective gear. While it does its job of keeping the dust out, the gear can also limit movement and slow down the workers’ progress. This often means delays, which can further disrupt the day-to-day activities or work of the people who are using the space.

You don’t have to deal with any of these issues if you choose to work with Dust Commander. Our company uses a dustless tile removal method, which is much safer for our team and the clients that we work with. The system immediately gets rid of the dust so that our technicians won’t have to wear heavy protective clothing. This allows them to cover as much as 600 square feet per day. Indeed, we can finish the work faster so our clients can have the new tiles installed earlier.

Enjoy the benefits of a dustless tile removal process for your commercial or residential property in The Colony, TX. Dust Commander also handles tile removal projects in the nearby areas of Garland, Plano, and Richardson. Call us today at 903-357-4640.

Dust-Free Tile Removal for Residents & Businesses in The Colony

Dust Commander has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years, and our company is trusted by commercial and residential property owners. We can remove tiles from domestic and commercial kitchens, toilets, and baths. Included in our list of satisfied clients are schools, bed and breakfasts, churches, restaurants, and shops. Our system is also trusted by museums and galleries because our dustless tile removal system won’t damage the artworks that are stored and displayed in such facilities.

Trust Dust Commander for Tile Removal in The Colony

Do you want to refresh the look and feel of your kitchen, dining area, toilet, or bath by installing new tiles? You can be sure to enjoy a dust-and-hassle-free tile removal service at your property in The Colony with help from Dust Commander. You can call us at 903-357-4640 or use our Contact Us page to leave a message.