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Dustless Tile Removal Services in Roanoke, TX

Removing old tiles is a messy and inconvenient affair, and this thought often overshadows all of the positive benefits of replacing the tiles from your property in Roanoke, TX. This is true if the tile removers are still using the old method of removing tiles, which produces a lot of dust. However, the revolutionary tile removal process used by Dust Commander does not generate dust. This means that our clients can enjoy their newly tiled space without having to worry about excess dust or indoor air pollution.

The traditional method of removing tiles comes with a number of disadvantages, not just for the property owner but also for the technicians in charge of removing the tiles. To prevent the dust particles from spreading, the technicians have to clear the work area and seal doors, windows, and vents. They also have to protect themselves, which they do by wearing heavy gear. Said gear ensures that they won’t inhale dust while they work. The problem is that the gear can get in the way of their movement and slow down their progress.

The clients also have to deal with the aftermath of the tile removal process. They might need to hire cleaning services to reduce the amount of dust in the property, a move that will cost them money. Despite their efforts, the remaining dust particles can still affect the indoor air quality, cause allergic reactions, and worsen respiratory illnesses. The dust particles can also stain surfaces and furniture and affect the performance of delicate electrical appliances. It’s difficult to enjoy a newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or shop when faced with these issues.

The good news is that the dust-free tile removal service offered by Dust Commander will not cause these problems. In addition to sparing the property from the effects of excessive dust, the system we use can also cover a lot of space in a much shorter time. This means that our clients can use the space again or resume the operation of their business at an earlier date.

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Dust-Free Tile Removal for Residents & Businesses in Roanoke

Our company has been providing expert tile removal services to both commercial and residential property owners in the DFW area for years. In that time, we’ve experienced working with different types of businesses such as shops and restaurants. Because our process is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, we’re also the go-to tile removal service provider for schools and churches.

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Give your Roakoke shop, restaurant, kitchen, bath, or toilet a new look without having to worry about dust. Our team at Dust Commander can remove tiles from your home or workspace without generating dust. For questions, just call 903-357-4640 or use our Contact Us page.