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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement

Dustless Tile Removal in Pilot Point, TX

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The old method of removing tiles from a commercial or residential property is often quite messy. For one thing, the process generates a lot of dust that can be harmful to the health of the tile removal technicians as well as property owners themselves. As a result, property owners end up delaying the tile replacement and wait to include it as a part of a major renovation.

If you live in Pilot Point, TX, you can hire Dust Commander for tile removal services. We specialize in providing dust-free tile removal services, and we’re bringing our expertise to Pilot Point. With our services, clients can enjoy all the benefits of replacing old tiles without being exposed to harmful dust and other unwanted side effects of the tile removal process.

Our company caters to clients in Cresson, Mineral Wells, Sunnyvale, and many more areas. In addition to homes, we also work for clients who own commercial establishments like restaurants, schools, and gyms. Give us a call today for more information.

Benefits of Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Pilot Point, TX

While a newly tiled space is a pretty sight, it can be hard to feel comfortable with the improved ambiance because of the leftover dust. Even if technicians spend hours taping off the area, the fine dust can still get into a property’s vents or AC system and linger for weeks or months after the tile removal work. At best, the dust can be a nuisance. However, skin irritations and breathing problems can also dampen anyone’s enjoyment of their renovated space in Pilot Point, TX.

We want our clients to enjoy their space as well as keep our staff members healthy, which is why we shifted to a more efficient tile removal process. While the traditional method makes use of a hammer and chisel, we use an electric chisel method developed by our founder, Don Preston. The result is virtually dust-free and we make sure to eliminate the dust particles as they are generated, to maintain the indoor air and ensure it is of good quality. Our process has the following benefits:

  • Cleaner – Any fine dust is contained from the get-go to prevent it from polluting the air and settling into vents, furniture, and appliances. This way, our clients can enjoy the fresh air and a clean property after we finish the tile removal process.
  • Healthier – In addition to being unsightly, dust particles can also cause allergies and exacerbate different respiratory illnesses for both our clients and staff. With the new system we use, leftover dust becomes a thing of the past. This allows everyone to breathe freely and gives clients peace of mind.
  • Faster – Given our more modern methods, we can clear more tiles compared to traditional processes. Our team can cover as much as 600 square feet of space when removing tiles in just a day or two. Properties are left with a clean slate that’s ready for new tiles afterward.
  • Cost-effective – With the Dust Commander system, clients won’t have as many expenses to worry about. That’s because they no longer need to hire professional cleaners to get rid of the dust, nor will they need to take multiple trips to the doctor. Property owners save more money in the long run while enjoying a cleaner, safer, and healthier space.

Call Dust Commander for Cleaner Tile Removal in Pilot Point, TX

Update the look of your property in Pilot Point, TX, today with help from Dust Commander. We cater to clients in Godley, Josephine, Southmayd, and across our service area. For more information about our dust-free tile removal services, call us at 903-357-4640 or visit our Contact Us page to send us your inquiries. You may also want to plan your budget by requesting a complimentary quote.