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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Denton, TX

Even though most contractors take great pains to minimize the spread of the fine dust that results from thinset removal, the reality is that it still gets everywhere, finding its way out of flimsy plastic barriers and creating complications for everyone living and working in the area. Dust Commander seeks to eliminate the issues commonly associated with tile removal with its dust-free tile removal system, available to residents of Denton and the surrounding neighborhoods.

About Dust Commander

Dust Commander is the brainchild of owner Don Preston, a veteran of the flooring business. He found several issues with traditional tile removal techniques, chief among them the proliferation of fine dust that inevitably results when a crew goes to work on thinset. This fine dust not only clings to every surface it can find, it finds ways to get into sensitive electronical equipment, creating the risk of permanently damaging them. Fine dust also contains silica, a dangerous mineral that has been linked to silicosis of the lungs and certain cancers. Silica worsens allergies and exacerbates respiratory symptoms and conditions in small children and the elderly. 

Beyond the clear and present dangers of silica to humans, traditional tile removal can damage the concrete beneath it during the removal process, requiring additional work to prepare the surface for re-tiling which then becomes additional costs for the customer. It also costs extra to have the property, its contents and air ducts cleaned after fine dust has settled in order to make the area livable. Dissatisfied with these conditions, Mr. Preston developed our exclusive Dust Commander tile removal system, which utilizes only high-speed electrical chisels and combines it with HEPA filtration to deliver precisely what it says on the tin: tile removal, now dust-free. 

Advantages of Dust-Free Tile Removal

There are several reasons why you should choose Dust Commander’s dust-free tile removal system over conventional methods of removing tile. 

  • Virtually Dust-Free: Our Dust Commander system catches every particle of dust before it can go anywhere – and we mean anywhere. You can only minimize the spread of fine dust with traditional tile removal methods, leaving a migraine-inducing mess to clean up after.
  • Swift Turnaround Times: The Dust Commander system can clear up to 600 square feet of tile in a single day, unlike conventional methods where tile removal can take days, even weeks to complete.
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality: With Dust Commander, your indoor air quality is never compromised by the presence of fine dust in the air, ensuring a safe and healthy environment even while work is ongoing. No more checking into a hotel while the job is in progress! No need to shell out for air duct cleaning after the work is completed!
  • New Floor Ready: Once Dust Commander is finished removing your tiles, the concrete slab is left flatter and ready for new flooring to be installed, eliminating prep work. Conventional tile removal methods can damage the concrete as workers chip at the tile, incurring costs to prep the surface and further delaying project completion.

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