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Dustless Tile Removal Services in Aubrey, TX

Is traditional tile removal the only way to go if you want new flooring done on your property? There’s evidence that most conventional tile removal methods are not only inefficient but also risky to your health. Traditional tile contractors won’t go beyond covering the area with plastic wrap in an attempt to catch all the dust.

But the finer particles can still escape and make their way to your carpeting, furniture, appliances, and even your ducts. They aren’t just a nuisance to clean up—they’re a serious threat to members of your household who are prone to allergies or asthma. There’s also the chance that these particles will be inhaled or consumed by your pet, to the detriment of their health.

Why settle for conventional tile removal methods when you can get dustless tile removal services from Dust Commander? We’re true to our name and we stay on top of the dust with our signature method. We service Aubrey, TX, customers as well as residents from key communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, like Irving, Frisco, and Garland.

We put our customers’ health first and we implement tile removal services that unearth the least possible amount of dust. Our method is also much faster and more efficient than the traditional tile removal services of our peers. While other contractors spend several days to get a single job done, we’ve been known to finish up to 600 square feet in one day flat! Fewer hours spent on tile removal also means fewer costs for you, which is a good deal indeed. 

When looking for a tile removal contractor, choose the people who’ll prioritize your health, your indoor air quality, and your budget. Choose Dust Commander!

Clean, Healthy, and Dust-Free Tile Removal in Aubrey, TX

What is it that sets Dust Commander apart from other contractors? It’s that we use a proprietary method that involves high-speed electric chiseling paired with HEPA filtration. This is our secret to removing tiles while sufficiently trapping any dust unearthed from the job.

Indeed, the Dust Commander method is the healthier alternative for your health and the safest one for your appliances and HVAC system. We also take extra care around your concrete slab so that there’s no collateral damage, and so that it’s easier for you to get new flooring work done.

Dust Commander offers the following services to customers in Aubrey, TX:  

Residential Tile Removal Services—We’ll put our system into practice on your home’s flooring system. We can handle challenging materials like natural stone and marble, and we’ll do the work that allows you to install new tiles quickly and evenly.

Commercial Tile Removal Services—We also offer the same dust-free tile removal services to Aubrey, TX businesses like bed and breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, schools, and museums. You can entrust us with quality tile removal services for your commercial establishment.

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Get in touch with the people at Dust Commander for dust-free tile removal services in your Aubrey, TX property. Call us at 903-357-4640 or leave your details on Dust Commander’s Contact Us page to get a free estimate. In addition to Aubrey, TX, our service area includes the neighboring communities of Corinth, Denton, and Little Elm. Call us now for the healthiest and most-cost efficient tile removal services using the Dust Commander system!