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Professional Dustless Tile Removal in Howe, TX

Many homeowners consider tiled floorings as attractive features for their properties. Whether they’re found in their kitchen or bathroom, new tiles can easily enhance any room’s visual appeal.

But over time, constant wear can lead to tiles getting hard-to-remove scuff marks, becoming discolored, and cracking. All of these can cause further damage if not attended to right away. When any of these happen, the best course of action is to remove and replace the old tiles.  

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to remove your damaged tiles, make sure to trust only professionals with years of experience and to use a safe tile removal process. While the traditional tile removal method does the job, it can produce a lot of dust that can be harmful to your and your family’s health.

If you want a safer alternative, you can count on the experts from Dust Commander. We offer professional dust-free tile removal services in Howe, TX homes and commercial spaces as well as properties in Hurst and Forest Hill

We’ve perfected our process to remove your old cracked tiles safely, quickly, and dust-free. Once we’ve completed the project, all you’ll be left with is a smoother and leveled concrete base that’s ready for new tiles.

Tile Removal via Our Innovative System in Howe, TX

After years of tests and research, we have come up with a system that can efficiently remove old tiles without spreading unhealthy dust all over your space. Using our high-speed chiseling and innovative HEPA filtration, all dust produced during the removal process is contained. This means that there won’t be any residual dust that can become airborne or has to be cleaned up after we’re done with the room.

In addition, our specialized Dust Commander system is faster than the traditional tile removal process. With our state-of-the-art equipment and a team of professionals, we can cut through up to 600 square feet of tiles in a single day. As soon as we’re done, you just need to place the new tiles, and you’re done. To learn more about our services, click the links below:

Dust-free Tile Removal – Allow our team of experts to remove your old and damaged tiles without leaving any trace of dust in your space. Our dust-free tile removal service is quick and safe, so you can go back to your daily activities as soon as we’ve completed the task.

Commercial Tile Removal Services – Aside from residential properties, we also help business spaces get the attractive interiors they deserve. We offer fast and dust-free tile removal to various types of commercial properties, so you won’t have to halt your operations for a long time. Dust Commander caters to all sorts of businesses including restaurants, hotels, museums, and more.

Call Dust Commander for Dustless Tile Removal in Howe, TX

If you are tired of looking at old and cracked tiles in your Howe, TX home or commercial properties in Euless, Avery, and Gordon, contact Dust Commander today. You can reach us at 903-357-4640 or completely fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch with you at once. Remember, there’s no need to go through the tedious process of traditional tile removal when you have a safer and faster method with Dust Commander.