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Dust-Free Commercial & Residential Tile Removal in Alvarado, TX

The traditional method of removing tiles from a property is not a clean task. The old processes used for this particular activity generate a lot of dust, which discourages commercial and residential property owners from replacing their existing tiles with ones that have newer and more stylish designs.

But with the development of better tile removal methods, this no longer has to be the case, especially if you live and work in Alvarado, TX. Now, you have easier access to cost-effective and dust-free tile removal services. Our company, Dust Commander, uses a new process that makes tile removal a safer, healthier, and more affordable option for both residential and commercial property owners. In addition to Alvarado, we also carry out dustless tile removal services in other areas in Dallas-Fort Worth, including Garland, Grapevine, Benbrook, and Waxahachie. Call us at 903-357-4640 and have an easier time upgrading the look of your kitchen, bath, restaurant, hotel, or retail store today.

Benefits of Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Alvarado, TX

Seeing your home or workspace’s transformation is a much more enjoyable process if you don’t have to deal with dust and debris for weeks or months on end. This is an experience that some commercial or residential property owners miss out on, as they’re not familiar with the newer and cleaner tile-removal processes out there.

The system used by Dust Commander is pioneered by the company’s founder, Don Preston, who’s been in the business of removing tiles since 1994. Dissatisfied with the labor-intensive and messy output of the old tile removal process, Don made multiple prototypes of a new system that would make the process safer and healthier for both the technician and the property owner. The end result is a virtually dust-free system—the same one that Dust Commander now uses to remove tiles in Alvarado. This process is:

  • Cleaner – It takes care of the dust and debris right at the start, preventing the particles from finding their way around the structure and polluting the indoor air for a long time. Because there’s no dust, there’s no need to worry about your furniture, artwork, or delicate electrical appliances.
  • Healthier – Dust can trigger allergic reactions and worsen symptoms of respiratory illnesses and conditions. The older, messier method of removing tiles puts the health of both technicians and clients on the line. Our new process contains the dust particles so that they won’t spread and contaminate the air.
  • Faster – Traditionally, tile removal technicians put on a lot of protective gear to prevent dust inhalation while they’re working. While the gear is there for a reasonable purpose, it can also limit the mobility of the technicians and prevent them from covering a lot of area in a short time. This is not the case for our technicians, as they can move freely and cover as much as 600 square feet in a day.
  • Cost-effective – Don’t think that you’re saving a lot of money by using the old method of tile removal. The cost of the service does not cover the additional cleaning that needs to be done to reduce the amount of dust in the property. With a dust-free tile removal service, you won’t need to spend any extra money just to enjoy cleaner air and surroundings.

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