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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement

Dustless Tile Removal in North Richland Hills, TX

One of the downsides of installing new tiles in your kitchen, bath, toilet, or shop is that you have to remove the old tiles first. Tile removal is often a messy task, enough that many property owners in North Richland Hills, TX do their best so that their renovation project won’t require them to remove old tiles.

The problem with tile removal is that it generates a lot of dust, and this can complicate the task. To prevent the dust particles from reducing the indoor air quality, the technicians that use the old process of removing tiles have to seal the work area.

They also have to wear protective clothing so that they will not breathe in dust. Unfortunately, these kinds of clothes restrict their movement, slowing down the job considerably. At the same time, because dust can linger in the structure even after tile removal, you’ll need to hire a cleaning service to improve the indoor air quality.

At Dust Commander, we want our team and clients to stay safe and healthy, which is why we’ve adopted a dust-free tile removal process. This means that our technicians can remove the tiles in the property without endangering their health. Unencumbered by heavy protective gear, they can also work quickly and cover up to 600 square feet in a day, which means that the work will be completed much faster.

Once our team is done, the concrete slab is ready for tile application. You also don’t have to pay extra to clean up the workspace.

Hassle-Free Tile Removal for Residents in North Richland Hills

If you need expert tile removal services minus the dust, count on our team of technicians at Dust Commander. We can provide dust-free tile removal services to properties in North Richland Hills as well as other locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our team has years of experience in the tile removal industry. We’ve removed tiles from both residential and commercial structures. Included in our list of clients are schoolshotels, bed and breakfastschurchesrestaurants, and shops. We also have the right tools, team, and tile removal methods so we can safely work in museums and galleries. Our process prevents dust from spreading, so the particles won’t affect and stain artwork, surfaces, and furniture.

Call Us for Commercial and Residential Tile Removal Services

Are you planning to upgrade your home, kitchen, shop, or restaurant? We can help you speed up the process by removing the old tiles on your property as soon as possible—all without generating dust. Included in our service locations are GarlandGrand Prairie, and Cedar Hill. We can also head to areas outside of Dallas-Fort Worth for an additional travel fee.

Simply call Dust Commander at 903-357-4640 so we can provide you with the best options that will suit your new vision for your home, office, or shop. We also have a Contact Us page where you can send us messages, comments, suggestions, and inquiries.

With Dust Commander on your tile removal project, you can rest assured that renovating your home will be a smooth and easy process.