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Clean & Dustless Tile Removal in Richardson, TX

Removing old and broken tiled floors from a home or business space can be a challenge for property owners. Before they can have brand new tiles installed, they must have the old tiles removed first.

If you’re not familiar with the traditional tile removal process, it generally releases a heap of dust clouds into your home. We’re talking about thick layers of dust that can get all over your furniture, neighboring rooms, appliances, kitchen counters, and clothes.

Even if workers diligently cover your property with plastic sheets, dust can still find its way into small spaces, such as inside ventilation systems. On top of this, removing tiles the traditional way takes a long time, which can be highly disruptive to your home or business establishment’s daily schedule.

However, we’re here to tell you that there’s an alternative to traditional tile removal. You should trust the experts of Dust Commander for dust-free tile removal services. With our help, you can have quick and efficient tile removal without all the annoying dust. Our company serves customers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Richardson, TX, and its surrounding areas such as Plano, Murphy, and Garland.

You can count on our trained floor technicians to do quality tile and thinset removal for easy tile-laying. We use proprietary equipment that performs high-speed electric chiseling technology while capturing dust using HEPA filtration before it spreads throughout your property. Call Dust Commander for dust-free tile removal today!

Dust-Free Tile Removal via Our Unique Method in Richardson, TX

Apart from dustless tile removal, there are plenty of advantages to choosing services from the Dust Commander team. The primary benefit is cleaner, healthier indoor air quality for your home or commercial space. This helps prevent skin and eye irritation, especially respiratory allergies. It’s also beneficial if you have kids and senior family members with asthma or any respiratory conditions.

Next, we provide fast and efficient tile removal services. Our expert floor technicians can remove up to 600 square feet of tiles in just one day. We can complete a major tile removal job in a few days instead of weeks.

The fast turnaround time means you don’t have to leave your home or stop operating your business for several days. That’s less disruption overall, which means you can go back to your usual routine with little downtime. It also saves you from potentially spending on board and lodging if you need to book a hotel just to wait for tile removal to get done.

Contact Dust Commander for residential and commercial dustless tile removal. Just call us if you need the following services:

Tile Removal for Homes – Perhaps your home is due for new tiles. Call Dust Commander to provide you with dust-free tile removal for your property. We are experts in removing any type of flooring, including marble, ceramic, and natural stone. We’ll make sure the floor is even so tile installers can easily lay out new flooring for your home.

Tile Removal for Commercial Properties – Foot traffic in commercial properties can cause tiles to crack and break. When this happens, it’s time to call Dust Commander for dustless tile removal so you can get brand new flooring. We serve commercial properties, including hotels, retail stores, restaurants, art galleries, and museums.

Call Dust Commander for Dustless Tile Removal in Richardson, TX

Get efficient dust-free tile removal services for your property. Call Dust Commander at 903-357-4640 today to book our services. We’re also happy to provide our clients with free, no-obligation estimates. If you have more questions about our services, you can leave us a message on our Contact Us page. We serve the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, including customers in Mesquite, Sunnyvale, and Balch Springs.

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  • Richardson, TX | June 22, 2015

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July 09, 2015

A Richardson, TX homeowner called us at Dust Commander to remove tile flooring in his home. He was skeptical that we could get the job done because of the glue under his flooring, but we told him not to worry.