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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement

Dust-Free Tile Removal in Irving, TX

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Your indoor space in Irving, Texas should be a respite from triple-digit heat, all kinds of storms, and other stresses of city living. If you own a home, oversee an office, or manage a store or restaurant, you’ll also know how important tiles can be in the equation.

In addition to enhancing the look and function of a property, they can also prevent bad slips and falls. Unfortunately, replacing outdated tiles with new ones is often a messy affair, and most tile removal providers kick up an unhealthy amount of dust during the process.

But that won’t be the case with Dust Commander, an innovative dust-free tile removal specialist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We seek to provide an alternative to traditional tile removal that’s dust-free, efficient, free of hidden costs, and adaptive to your future flooring installation plans.

For tile removal services that will keep your Irving home, office, store, or business free from dust, look to no one but Dust Commander. 

Dust Commander: We’re in Control

Dust Commander was founded by Don Preston, who’s been a veteran in the flooring business since 1994. While building his company, Don observed a major challenge caused by the traditional tile removal process: excessive dust residue caused allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory issues for residents and pets.

Such problems discouraged customers from paying for tile removal jobs until Don developed a dust-free tile removal system that Dust Commander is proud to call its own. The Dust Commander System was born out of countless hours of research, ceaseless design testing, and adjustments to perfect the method.

With this system in place, Dust Commander can effectively remove hundreds of square feet of tiles with no dust, no health and safety threats, and no additional stress on our customers’ part. 

How We Remove Tiles through the Dust Commander System

The Dust Commander System utilizes high-speed electric chiseling and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to trap the outgoing dust from tile removal. By preventing dust particles from getting on people, the Dust Commander tile removal system lessens the risk of respiratory problems, skin irritation, and allergies for Irving clients. Our method also is safe for electronic devices and HVAC systems. 

We offer dust-free tile removal  for residences in Irving, TX. But we can also complete this service for local retailers, restaurants, hotels, inns, churches, museums, schools, and indoor sports facilities. For all of our clients in Irving, Dust Commander guarantees maximum efficiency because our method involves a faster turnaround than traditional, hammer-and-chisel tile removal. That ensures you more time to install newer, better tiles. 

Contact Dust Commander Today

Don’t put up with old tiles on your property just because of the imminent dust problems. Dust Commander eliminates the dust and makes tile removal a breeze. For dust-free tile removal services in Irving, TX, leave a message on our Contact Us page or dial 903-357-4640. We also offer a wide array of products for flooring contractors looking to enhance their business. Contact Dust Commander and eliminate your dust problems for good!