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Dust-Free Tile Removal System in Highland Park, TX

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Removing damaged or outdated tile flooring can be a dirty, labor-intensive, and risky job. The amount of dust left behind using traditional tile removal methods is overwhelming, and customers in Highland Park, TX are often not ready for the mess. In addition, the dust left behind after tile removal stays within the house for months, making the home unhealthy for children, pets, and even adults. 

These dust particles also can get inside electronic equipment and cause damage. These are the problems that Dust Commander addresses, and solves, for our customers in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Dust Commander Provides Dust-Free Tile Removal in Highland Park

The traditional way of controlling dust when removing old tiles is by using plastic and tape. This works well in confining dust in small spaces. However, if work will be done in bigger areas, plastic and tape won’t be enough to confine dust. Simply opening the plastic to enter and exit the work area is enough to scatter a scary amount of dust into your ventilation system, spreading the dust around the house to your electronics—and even to your lungs. 

With Dust Commander, the dust generated by the tile removal operation is removed as quickly as it is produced. Our company’s method uses a combination of high-speed electric chiseling combined with HEPA filtration so the dust is automatically removed. 

Don Preston spent innumerable hours doing research on the best possible solution for the problem of dust in tile removal. He has been in the flooring business since 1994 and has seen numerous problems with the traditional method of removing floor tiles. He has designed and field-tested more than 50 designs tweaking and fine-tuning the system until he perfected it for removing floor tiles virtually dust-free. 

Dust Commander Serves Commercial Properties in Highland Park, TX

For commercial properties, flooring renovation is necessary from time to time. However, it is time-consuming could create problems when dust, dirt, and allergens are removed from the old tile floor. We can help by removing old tiles quickly and cleanly. Here are some of the establishments that we have helped:

  • Retailers - Tiles are the flooring of choice for retailers because they can take a lot of wear and tear caused by a huge amount of floor traffic. The old method of removing tiles isn’t ideal for retailers. The sheer amount of dust produced by the old method can spread throughout the entire store and affect inventory and even the health of employees and customers.
  • Restaurants - For restaurants, tiles are a natural choice to make the establishment appear elegant. However, wear and tear caused by spillages, splashes, and heavy foot traffic can damage floor tiles, making removal and replacement necessary. The problem is that nobody wants dust in their food. If you’re a restaurant owner looking to replace your floor tiles minus the dust, our Dust Commander System is the way to go. 
  • Museums - Museums and art galleries choose floor tiles because they add a nice aesthetic effect to their displays. They use tiles not just on floors but also on walls. To protect valuable art pieces and displays, dust-free is the smart choice when removing and replacing tiles. 
  • Schools - Dust can be hazardous especially for kids. School administrators choose Dust Commander over the traditional methods of removing and replacing tiles to protect school kids’ health.

Contact Dust Commander for Residential & Commercial Tile Removal in Highland Park, TX

For dust-free tile removal services in Highland Park and areas surrounding Paris, Texas, contact us at 903-357-4640 or visit our Contact Us page for more options on how to get in touch.