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Dustless Tile Removal for Properties in Blue Ridge, TX

Living, working, shopping, or staying in a newly renovated space is a refreshing feeling, but it’s not always this way for commercial and residential property owners who have tiled spaces. Before they can remodel their property, they need to remove the tiles in the area, and this is a messy task. The dust left behind by the old process of tile removal can cause so many problems that some people avoid renovating their homes because they don’t want to deal with excess air pollution and allergens.

Fortunately, the traditional tile removal process is not the only available option these days, especially for the commercial and residential property owners who are based in Blue Ridge, TX. Dust Commander offers dust-free tile removal services in the area as well as in the nearby locations of Forreston, Southlake, and Morgan Mill. If you want to replace the old tiles on your property with newer designs, Dust Commander is the company to call. You can reach us by calling 903-357-4640.

Advantages of Dustless Tile Removal in Blue Ridge, TX

Dust is well-known for causing problems inside of the home. If excessive particles are lingering in the property, the dust can trigger allergic reactions, stain furniture and surfaces, and even affect the operation of sensitive electronics. In a commercial or office space, the presence of excessive dust is also frowned upon, as it keeps customers away and negatively impacts the comfort and productivity of the workers. If the tile removal process removes dust from the property right at the start, our customers and tile technicians get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster Turnaround Time – Our revolutionary tile removal process takes the dust out of the equation, thereby allowing our technicians to move more quickly and cover more space than a traditional tile remover could typically work on in a day. Without worrying about their health, our technicians can quickly complete the removal process, setting off the next phase of the renovation and allowing your business to open its doors sooner than later.
  • Less Expensive Services – To control the amount of dust in the structure after a tile removal, some property owners hire cleaning services. This need not be the case if you’re working with our team. We’ll leave the place clean so you won’t have to spend extra on cleaning services.
  • Flatter Floors for Tiling Work – Our technicians can clearly see the area that they're working on, so they can leave the floor flatter for the tiling work. Once they’re done, the tiling team can get started on their job right away.
  • Better Air Quality – You can enjoy your newly tiled space from the get-go without worrying about poor air quality. Your family members will love the new space right away. If you have a commercial property, your clients and customers will be able to shop and dine freely without worrying about the air quality in the establishment.

With the Dust Commander team on the job, you can expect a clean, hassle-free, quick, and easy tile removal process every time you need it. Call us today and allow us to help you refresh the look of your commercial or residential space in Blue Ridge. We have experience carrying out these types of jobs in properties such as schools, museums, and retailers, to name a few.

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