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Dustless Tile Removal Services in Balch Springs, TX

If you’ve got aging tiles, or think your current tiles are either too high-maintenance or too unfashionable, then you’re likely due for a tile removal job. You may think that your only choice is to hire a contractor who does traditional hammer-and-chisel tile removal work. After all, this may seem like the cheapest and most practical route.

But while traditional tile removal jobs may seem cheaper at the outset, they don’t account for the hidden costs of post-tile removal cleaning and maintenance. The dusty aftermath of a traditional tile removal job can take days, or even weeks, to clean. On top of being extremely messy, it also endangers your electronics and HVAC system. There’s also a chance that the tiny particles will get into your eyes or nose and cause irritation, allergies, or asthma.

Want an alternative that’s free of all this trouble? If you’re looking for dustless tile removal for your Balch Springs, TX property, call the people at Dust Commander. We serve clients in Balch Springs, as well as in the nearby areas of Mesquite, Seagoville, and Lancaster.

At Dust Commander, we promise an efficient, unobtrusive, and affordable way of removing your tiles. Our high-tech electric chisel and HEPA filtration system is both faster and cleaner than conventional methods.

While other contractors may spend a day simply putting up plastic dust barriers on your walls, we’ll utilize the same amount of time to get hundreds of square feet of tile removal done. You’ll get charged for fewer days of tile removal work, and you’ll also spend less time outside of your home just waiting for the job to get done.

Choose a tile removal method that deals the least damage to your surroundings and poses the fewest risks to your health. Choose only Dust Commander!

The Most Effective Tile Removal Method in Balch Springs, TX

Dust Commander has come up with an effective formula for virtually dust-free tile removal. Our method combines high-speed electric chiseling with the use of a HEPA filtration vacuum, which eliminates dust while the demolition is being done. On top of that, we carefully grind down the thinset mortar under the tiles to provide customers with a smooth, even base for their next flooring project.

The two flagship services that we offer in Balch Springs, TX are:

Residential Tile Removal Services—Our expertise will allow us to do a neat tile removal job for your home. With our equipment, we’ll catch all the tiny particles from even the crumbliest tile materials like travertine stone.

Commercial Tile Removal Services—We can implement the Dust Commander method with the same confidence on commercial properties. Call us for tile removal jobs for your restaurant, hotel, inn, bed and breakfast, retail store, school, or museum!

Call Dust Commander for Tile Removal in Balch Springs, TX

Call Dust Commander at 903-357-4640 and discover a brand-new way of getting tile removal done. Feel free to leave your contact details on Dust Commander’s official Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you with a free estimate as soon as you’re able.

If you’ve got friends in the nearby areas of Highland Park, Rowlett, or Garland, tell them to look us up. We’d be happy to introduce even more people to our Dust Commander philosophy!