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Fast, Dust-Free Tile Removal Service in Allen, TX by Dust Commander

Allen, TX is a city in Collin County with a population of 84,246 according to the 2010 census. More than 60% of homes in Allen were built in the 1990s or earlier. When it comes to weather, Allen has hot and muggy summers and cold and windy winters. 

With a lot of homes older than 20 years, there are a lot of home improvement opportunities in Allen. However, homeowners and business owners may be reluctant to replace their old and worn out tiles. That’s understandable considering all the disruption that can be caused by tile replacement. The good news is that Dust Commander now makes it possible to remove tiles virtually dust-free.

Dust Commander: The Breakthrough Dust-Free Tile Removal Technology

Removing tiles the old way is a very tedious and disruptive process. It involves using grinders to cut the tiles. This process generates an unbelievable amount of dust. In an effort to contain dust, tile removal technicians will seal off a small area using plastic and duct tape. However, even the best sealing jobs are not enough to contain the ultra-fine dust generated by tile removal. Simply opening the sealed area to enter or exit is enough for the dust to scatter. These fine dust particles linger on for months. 

The fine dust is bad for respiratory health. In fact, tile removal technicians have to wear full protective gear complete with goggles and masks if they don’t want to suffer respiratory disease or eye problems. 

The workflow is entirely different when using Dust Commander. Firstly, there’s no need to seal off the area. Secondly, the technicians don’t even have to wear masks or other protective gear. This is because Dust Commander removes the dust as soon as it is generated. Eliminating the need for plastic and tape to seal an area alone saves an enormous amount of time. By minimizing the time needed to remove tiles, disruption is also lessened. 

Dust Commander inventor Don Preston spent countless hours perfecting a prototype. He had to build and field test more than 50 prototypes before coming up with the working version of Dust Commander. Now, removing tiles is easier, faster, and best of all, dust-free. 

Dust Commander for Retailers in Allen, TX

Dust Commander’s amazing new technology is useful for homes and various commercial establishments. Here are just some of the possible applications. 

Tiles are ideal for retailers that receive a huge amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. They’re easy to clean and will last for decades. When tiles become outdated and need replacement, retailers can rely on Dust Commander for quick and dust-free tile removal. 

Restaurants also prefer to use tile floors because of their water-resistant properties and their elegant effect. Outdated and broken tiles can easily be replaced by using Dust Commander. 

To learn more about Dust Commander, please send us a message using our Contact Us page or call 903-357-4640 to speak to a representative. 

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Customer Reviews from Allen ( 5 out of 4 reviews )

Allen, TX

"I am very satisfied with the work performed by all."

Allen, TX

"Great job, very respectful and professional."

Allen, TX

"Great job!"

Allen, TX

"Fantastic! Dust Commander and the whole crew ROCKED! They left the home totally ready to install hardwood."

Testimonials from Allen

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Tile Removal Testimonial by Allen & Trish in Yukon, OK

April 04, 2016

Allen and Trish contacted Dust Commander to find out if they could have 500 square feet of tile removed from their Yukon, OK home. They were very appreciative that the Dust Commander technicians were willing to travel four hours just to complete the job.

Testimonial from Mark A. in Allen, TX

March 10, 2015

Mark A. contacted us at Dust Commander to remove ceramic tile in his residential home in Allen, TX. Our flooring technicians quickly got to work to remove over 300 square feet of ceramic tile flooring in his home. Mark was very pleased.

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