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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Bedford, TX

Shiny tiled floors are visually appealing, which is why many homeowners choose to make them part of their interiors. However, keeping them in great condition requires plenty of maintenance. Over time, scuff marks and cracks will appear. Foot traffic and other factors can also eventually cause permanent damage. When these sorts of issues arise, your best option is to remove and replace the tiles.

If you’re having second thoughts about hiring a professional team to remove your broken tiles, then just imagine the laborious process and the amount of dust you need to clean up after the tile removal is done. Even after successfully removing your old tiles, there is still the troubling issue of inhaling harmful residual dust caused by traditional methods of tile demolition. To protect yourself and your family from developing health issues due to dust and debris, it’s best to select a safer alternative to the usual tile removal techniques.

For dust-free tile removal in your Bedford, TX home and properties in nearby areas like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Hurst, you can contact Dust Commander. We have a tried and tested process to remove old tiles quickly and safely without creating any unnecessary dust. As soon as we’re done with the work, you can enjoy a leveled flooring ready for new tiles and an area free of debris.

Tile Removal via Our Propriety Method in Bedford, TX

Our specialized Dust Commander system consists of high-speed chiseling and innovative HEPA filtration that traps all the dust created in the removal process. This unique system is cleaner and healthier compared to traditional tile removal. Additionally, our method is quicker since there is virtually no dust to clean up—which helps us complete the tasks in a shorter time.

Here at Dust Commander, our team of professionals will make sure your flooring gets the proper care it requires. Once we’re done removing your old tiles, you will be left with a smooth and flat floor base that can handle fresh tiles.

Here are some of the services Dust Commander offers:

Dust-free Tile Removal – Let our team of experts remove your old and broken tiles without dust covering your furniture and electronic appliances. Our dust-free method can ensure your floors are ready for new tiles in no time.

Commercial Tile Removal Services – You no longer have to worry about tile removal tasks halting the operations in your commercial space with our quick and effective dust-free process. Once we complete the project, no dust will get into your merchandise and HVAC system. Dust Commander can help remove tiles in hotels, restaurants, churches, museums, and more.  

Contact Dust Commander to Remove Old Tiles in Bedford, TX

If you are looking for experts that can remove tiles from your home or commercial space in Cresson, TX, or other nearby towns including Colleyville, Euless, and North Richland Hills, you can reach out to Dust Commander. To contact us, call us at 903-357-4640 or leave your details on our Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. There’s no need to go through the meticulous process of traditional tile removal, especially when you have a quicker and safer option thanks to Dust Commander.

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Customer Reviews from Bedford ( 5 out of 2 reviews )

Bedford, TX

"Jose and Quinton were very professional and did an outstanding job. I would use you all again in the future."

Bedford, TX

Very satisfied with the work done.

Testimonials from Bedford

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Bedford, TX Tile Removal Testimonial by Brandon

August 26, 2015

Over 400 square feet of tile was removed from Brandon's Bedford, TX home with the Dust Commander system. He was very satisfied with the work done saying the "guys did a great job and left the place clean and dust free" as promised.

Dust Commander Testimonial from Jaime S. in Bedford, TX

February 10, 2015

Jaime S. said he would highly recommend our service to anyone after we completed a project at his residential home in Bedford, TX. The project consisted of our contractors removing 400 square feet of ceramic tile with the Dust Commander system.