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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement

Dust-Free Tile Removal in Arlington, TX

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Whether you’re renovating a home or upgrading a commercial facility, tile removal is always going to be a dirty and laborious process that could pose health risks for you, your family, your employees, and your neighbors. Dust from thinset removal is so fine that even when contractors take great pains to minimize its spread, such as by taping off rooms with plastic wrap, it can still cling to walls and counters, cover furniture, or land on multiple surfaces. 

Expert Thinset and Tile Removal Services by Dust Commander

Let Dust Commander solve this problem for you. Dust Commander is led by owner Don Preston, who has been in the flooring business since 1994 and has consistently seen several issues with the process of traditional tile removal. 

Thinset removal creates fine dust that will get literally everywhere, sticking to walls and surfaces, fabrics and furniture. It can damage sensitive electronic equipment such as computers. This fine dust contains silica, a dangerous carcinogenic mineral that can cause silicosis of the lungs and exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Traditional tile removal may even damage the concrete beneath it, which will then require additional work to prep for re-tiling while incurring additional costs. This is in addition to the fees for getting your air ducts cleaned, as well as carpets and upholstery, and clothing.

The Dust Commander tile removal system utilizes only high-speed electrical chisels and a HEPA filtration to deliver exactly as promised – removing your tiles, dust-free. Below are some advantages of our revolutionary services:

  • Zero health risks – Because the entire process is 99% dust-free, fine dust from pulverized ceramics, silica and thinset won’t linger around your home or business establishment and cause significant health problems. The dust never gets in contact with you in the first place.
  • Safer for electronics – Dust can get in between the spaces of sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, game consoles, televisions and sound systems. This may cause heating issues that impact the ambient temperature of your home or office and lead to equipment shut down. Dust-free means never having to take your laptop in for cleaning after tile removal. 
  • HVAC safe – Your electronics aren’t the only things at risk – dust can clog your air vents and ventilation system, causing additional cleaning expenses and forcing your system to work harder than it should.
  • Speedy turnaround – Traditional tile removal with a hammer and chisel can take weeks to complete. Our team works much more efficiently, given that there isn’t any dust to hinder their progress or any mess to clean up, which means that a job can be finished in a shorter amount of time. 

We offer the following services in Arlington, TX and the surrounding area:

We also offer a wide variety of products for flooring contractors interested in enhancing their business. Check out our product page here

Don’t put yourself and others at risk by going with traditional tile removal and call Dust Commander today at 903-357-4640 or by visiting our Contact Us page. All callers are entitled to a free estimate, and our operators are standing by to answer any inquiries you may have about our services and equipment.

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Customer Reviews from Arlington ( 5 out of 4 reviews )

  • Arlington, TX | December 16, 2015

"Virtually no dust during project."

  • Arlington, TX | December 16, 2015

"Great job."

  • Arlington, TX | May 22, 2015

"They were friendly and did a great job. They did the best anyone could do!"

  • Arlington, TX | March 02, 2015

I would rate the last question a 5+++! "The team was prompt, courteous and did exactly what they said. I would contract again with Dust Commander in a heartbeat!"

Testimonials from Arlington

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December 22, 2015

We have recently completed 900 SF of ceramic tile removal and stair tile removal job in Arlington, Tx

December 20, 2015

Tyler H is a repeat customer from Arlington, over 200 SF of tile removal in the remaining part of his home

May 26, 2015

Kimberly V. of Arlington, TX called Dust Commander to perform dustless tile removal in her home. She was hoping to have just over 175 square feet of tile flooring removed in her home.

March 09, 2015

Terrie H. contacted Dust Commander to remove 1,700 square feet of ceramic tile flooring (including a stair case) from her son's home in Arlington, TX.

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