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Hum-B Edge Grinder

Our Hum-B floor surfacing and polishing equipment covers more square feet in less time with less effort, maximizing comfort and increasing productivity. Our ergonomically designed floor surfacing equipment allows the user to grind or polish in an upright position, reducing fatigue, backaches, and job site injuries. Hum-B floor surfacing equipment is ideal for grinding or polishing concrete, terrazzo, stone, and masonry or removing paint, thin set, adhesives, VCT, mastic and epoxy floor coatings. Hum-B floor grinders are the only floor surfacing equipment equipped with the patented Dust Grabber™ dust shroud. This shroud allows the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice, eliminating 100% of suction lock and capturing 99% of airborne dust.

Hum-B floor grinders come with a 2” dust port, 150 watt halogen light, non-marking caster wheels, a 6000 RPM or 3500 RPM polishing grinder and a one year warranty. We offers different types of abrasives to use with the floor grinders from cup wheels to remove epoxy coatings or prepping a concrete floor for a new application, to polishing rings for polishing concrete, stone and terrazzo.  Floor grinder in action, click here.

To achieve a dust free operation we strongly recommend using a Pulse-Bac® PB-1050 dust vacuum to capture the dust generated by the grinder. If using the grinder to remove paint from floors, a PB-1050H HEPA Certified dust vacuum is recommended and complies with EPA RRP rules.

Price: $2,695.00

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