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Testimonial from Nickie S. in Cumby, TX

Nickie S. is a former customer who had Dust Commander remove ceramic tile from his property two separate times before contacting us to have tile removed for him a third time, only this time at a new residence in Cumby, TX. Once Nickie contacted our offices, we sent our trusted technicians to his home to take a look and get started. Since he was a familiar, repeat customer, it was easy to get started right away to remove the 1,100 square feet of ceramic tile in his home.

Once the project was complete, he was pleased, once again, to see very little dust leftover and the tile completely removed in his home. His satisfaction extended to complimenting our service technicians by saying "these guys do an exceptional job" and that he would recommend us to anyone. Nickie was very impressed with the entire group including Keith, Randi, Cody, and David and the fact that they did exactly what they said that they would do.

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Dust Commander testimonial from a satisfied client.