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Testimonial from Jarrett H. from South Texas

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Jarrett from South Texas reached out to Dust Commander simply to let us know what a great job we did removing his ceramic tile with our Dustless System. On the link above you can listen to the follow up call he made to say that he has nothing but great remarks about Dust Commander and our services. He was very pleased with how well our crews did throughout the process. He indicated that his flooring installation contractor was initially skeptical about the tile being removed so effortlessly and without dust. Needless to say, the contractor was shocked to find the outcome and Jarrett was absolutely amazed that there was "zero dust left behind."

Jarrett was so appreciative of everything that Dust Commander did and he was so glad to have found us. He also stated that our technicians were polite, professional, got the work done fast, and stayed in good contact throughout the entire process.