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Testimonial from Alice in Plano, TX

Alice contacted us at Dust Commander to remove ceramic tile in her home in Plano, TX. The project Alice wanted to complete involved removing 477 square feet of cermic tile in her residential home.

Once the project was completed, Alice was pleased with the service provided by Dust Commander. She even explained that she was pleased to have our two service technicians in her home. She complimented their characters and work ethic, saying that they were truly just two men who were courteous, knew their jobs and their tools, and were always working on her home until all 477 square feet of tile was removed. Alice also told us that our crews only took small breaks, but not even enough time to eat, and that Dust Commander should be very proud of them and how they represented our company. It was another successful job done by Dust Commander and our hard working technicians.

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Dust Commander testimonial from a satisfied client.