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Dust Free Tile Removal and Replacement in Plano, TX

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Removing old tile flooring the traditional way is a very dirty, laborious, and unhealthy attempt for residential and commercial buildings, and the people occupying them. Most contractors will spend hours just taping off rooms with plastic wrap in an effort to "minimize" the spread of dust from thinset removal. However, thinset dust is so fine that even with great effort, it will still get everywhere, covering your walls, and counters.

Don Preston has been in the flooring business since 1994. In those two decades, he has consistently seen problems with the traditional tile removal process. The biggest problem revolving around the dust and mess that is left behind in customers’ homes. The dust sticks around for months after the removal and is unhealthy, especially for those with asthma/allergies and children. An additional problem he has found, is flooring customers deciding to live with old, outdated tile because they don’t want to suffer through the months of mess left by the process.

Preston has spent countless hours researching ways to make the tile removal process virtually dust free. He considered and tried several devices on the market, but all had the same issue – they continuously got clogged. Also, most of the devices required hands and knees operation which is physically strenuous to the technicians operating them. So he decided to build his own device that would solve all these problems!

In the past two years, Don has built and field-tested over fifty different designs, making slight changes and additions along the way. He now believes he has perfected his virtually dust free tile removal system and is proud to introduce, and offer you, DUST COMMANDER ®.

Dust Commander® provides an alternative method of dust-free tile removal to the traditional tile flooring removal. It is much cleaner, highly effective, and leaves your place looking, smelling and breathing brand new! Don't wait around to find another alternative to avoiding the spread of harmful dust when removing tile in your home or business, contact us today at 903-357-4640 to learn more about our dust free tile removal equipment.

Customer Reviews from Plano
Andrea W. from Plano, TX
5 Stars
Jul 18th, 2016
"Great job- House was clean when the job was done and Jose and Quinton were very fast and efficient."
Drew K. from Plano, TX
5 Stars
Jun 20th, 2016
"Great job!"
Jeff A. from Plano, TX
5 Stars
Apr 19th, 2016
"Fast, efficient, respectful"
Jennifer P. from Plano, TX
5 Stars
Aug 12th, 2015
"Excellent work and very professional."
Michael W. from Plano, TX
5 Stars
Jun 1st, 2015
"Great guys!"
Testimonials from Plano, TX
Ceramic Tile Removal Testimonial from Jared & Jennifer in Plano, TX Ceramic Tile Removal Testimonial from Jared & Jennifer in Plano, TX
Dust Commander removed 220 square feet of ceramic tile in Jared and Jennifer's home in Plano, TX. They were pleased with the outcome saying the work was excellent and very professional.
Flooring Removal Testimonial from Michael W. in in Plano, TX Flooring Removal Testimonial from Michael W. in in Plano, TX
A residential property owner in Plano, TX contacted Dust Commander to remove different types of flooring in his home. Not only did he need tile removed, but he had carpet and vinyl flooring that needed to be removed as well.
Testimonial from Alice in Plano, TX Testimonial from Alice in Plano, TX
Alice contacted us at Dust Commander to remove ceramic tile in her home in Plano, TX. The project Alice wanted to complete involved removing 477 square feet of cermic tile in her residential home.
Dust Commander Testimonial from Darren A. of Plano, TX Dust Commander Testimonial from Darren A. of Plano, TX
Darren A. is a homeowner in Plano, TX who said the guys from Dust Commander did a fantastic job! They were quick, courteous and very thoughtful.