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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Dallas-Ft. Worth and Paris, TX


Tiles replacement may sound simple, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. It involves expertise, heavy labor and stirring up clouds of dust in the process. As workers chip away at your old tiles and the thinset that holds it down, debris flies all over the place and creates a huge mess. This dust mess is tough to clean, it can cause health disorders and it can damage appliances in its vicinity.


When replacing your tiles, keep the dust down to a minimum with Dust Commander. This is a new and revolutionary method of removing tiles minus the hassles and the hazards. When you call us in for help in Dallas or Paris, Texas, you can expect the following advantages over traditional tile removal services:


  • Virtually No Dust – Dust Commander’s proprietary tile removal system uses a powerful electric chisel that turns tiles and thinset to dust upon contact. Almost as soon as dust is released, the system’s HEPA filtration vacuum sucks it away so it doesn’t fly off everywhere.
  • Work Completed at Half the Time – Because Dust Commander sucks away and contains the dust from tile removal, there’s nothing to obstruct the vision, breathing and movement of our team. That means they can move more freely and accomplish more in a fraction of the time that it takes to complete traditional tile removal jobs.
  • Preservation of Air Quality – When dust goes flying everywhere from tile demolition, it can get into your air ducts and HVAC systems’ innnards. This contaminates indoor air and stunts the efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances. With Dust Commander, this is of no concern to you. No dust to deal with equals no particles to lower indoor air quality.
  • No Damage to Slabs – Traditional tile demolition involves manual hammering and chiselling. That creates room for accidents and human error. The concrete or stone foundation of your home can get hit and crack from the impact. With Dust Commander, there are no such risks: our electric chisel is precise and our team of experts take utmost care not to damage anything that’s not part of your tile flooring. Once they’re done with tile demolition, your base slab will be ready for the new tiles to be applied.
  • No Hidden Charges – Some tile removal service providers give you a seemingly low quote, but that’s because they’re not factoring in the professional cleaning services that you’ll need after dust covers the entire workspace. With Dust Commander, there are no hidden charges because there’s no need for heavy cleaning. We never create a big mess, which means you can go back to your home life or business routine after the new tile set is laid out.


Contact us today and find out more about Dust Commander. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and send a team over for an inspection. Whether you need tile removal for your home or workplace, Dust Commander is your best choice.